A Timeless Kaidan

Integrating butoh dance with video installation and live music, A Timeless Kai-dan is a three part international collaboration developed in 2007.  Using actors and dancers, real-time video projections, live experimental music, and a labyrinth installation of shimmering fabrics, LEIMAY immerses the audience in an observation on fear, how it affects humanity and constructs society. A Timeless Kai-dan is a metaphor for LEIMAY’s reflection to the staircase of human ambition. This project brought together an international group of three Japanese butoh dancers with nine young New York-based performers and a small ensemble of experimental musicians. The Japanese group included Tokyo-based dancers Takuya Ishide (a former member of Butoh co-creator Tatsumi Hijikata’s company), Daiji Meguro (currently a young member of the company of Ko Murobushi), and the Berlin-based dancer Yuko Kaseki (former principal dancer of Anzu Furukawa’s company). A Timeless Kaidan proposes an encounter with the fear intrinsic in our own ephemeral existence.

“A human being born in water, is connected to all mankind. A man stands on the edge, alone with fear. This fear is a timeless “kai-dan”: the deeply personal labyrinth of the Greek myth of Adriane’s thread; the desert labyrinth of the two kings in Jorge Luis Borge’s piece; the last candle of the hyaku-monogatari; and the endless, impossible staircase of human endeavor…”

Kaidan is a Japanese word meaning “scary story” or “staircase”.




Show duration
90 minutes

Concept, Creation and Choreography
Ximena Garnica

Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya

Takuya Ishide, Daiji Meguro,Yuko Kaseki, Mariko Endo, Khristal Curtis, I-Lien Ho, Hazuki Homma, Jonothon Howard, Georgia Lifsher, Sharla Meese, Kristin Narcowich, and Hannah Stone.

Live Video Projections
Shige Moriya

Live Music
Jeremy Slater and Gregory Reynolds.

Additional Scores
Bryan T. Camphire and Bloody Panda

Lighting Design
Scott Bolman

Costume Consultant
Anna Belous

Developmental credit

Timeless Kai-dan was partially sponsored by The Japan Foundation through the Performing Arts JAPAN program. This piece was created while in residency at the Robert Wilson Watermill Center. Ms. Garnica was supported by The Association of Hispanic Arts through The Urban Artist Initiative program (UAI/NYC). Produced CAVE Organization Inc. The workshop production of this piece took place at the Watermill Center in May-June 2007 with  the participation and support of the following artist and performers: Yuko Kaseki, Daiji Meguro, Takuya Ishide, Ximena Garnica, Shige Moriya, Nripal Adhikary, DD Maucher, Bene Gauthier, Mariko Endo, Juan Merchan, Kristin Narcowich, I-Lien Ho, Claire Duplantier, Gregory Reynnolds and Yuki Kawashita.

World Premiere
Theater for the New City, New York City 2007